Do your part to protect the environment by recycling!

Collection Days are the FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY of the month!

2021 Blue Bag Recycle Schedule

Blue Bag

Blue bag recycling collection is an easy, efficient and eco-friendly way to recycle. Using blue bags protects materials from elements and prevents materials from blowing around the wind. Using blue bags allows a higher volume of recyclables to be placed out with greater ease so residents can recycle more:

•Bleach jugs
•Dish soap bottles
•Drink bottles
•Fabric softener bottles
•Medicine and pill bottles
•Milk bottles
•Plastic bottles
•Plastic tubs and jugs
•Windshield washer jugs

•Aluminum cans and foil
•Aluminum containers
•Metal lids
•Tin cans and lids (cleaned and rinsed)

•Boxes (flattened and tied with string)
•Cardboard egg cartons ( no shells)
•Detergent boxes
•Greeting cards
•Magazines and inserts
•Milk cartons
•Shredded paper

Please ensure that all items are clean, dry, and free of food or other contamination.

Please do not put plastic bags, twine, or string in collection bins.

You may wish to flatten items to conserve space.

Questions? Contact Ever Green Ecological Services at (780) 417-2282.

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